Looking to build a more predictable pipeline?
Let us show you, step-by-step, how to set up an ABS strategy for your team

What’s So Great About Targeting Anyway?

Who does your team want to talk to? That’s the question that targeting answers.

The goal of properly setting up your targeting is to make sure reps are only talking with contacts and accounts that fit your Ideal Account Profile (IAP) and Ideal Contact Profile (ICP)

Targeting with ABS, takes this one step further. ABS targeting helps you prioritize the order that you engage with your ICP and IAP through workflows and scoring.

This blog will exclusively talk about the importance of IAPs and how to set them up. Don’t forget to check back later this week to get the scoop on ICPs, ABS workflows, and task and prospect scoring.

Let’s jump into it.

Why You Need Ideal Account Profiles (IAPs)

Before any targeting or messaging can occur, it’s crucial that sales teams identify what their Ideal Account Profiles (IAPs) are.

An IAP is a team’s best fit type of account. It’s a profile made up of specific characteristics such as ideal vertical, industry, size, location, and number of employees, to name just a few.

Identifying your IAP should answer two key questions:

  1. What accounts should I target right now, and why?
  2. Which people within these accounts should I target right now, and why?

How to Set Up Your Ideal Account Profiles (IAPs) for ABS

When it comes to building IAPs for your team, there are four steps you should follow:

  1. Define your Account Segmentation Fields
  2. Define ideal values for each Field
  3. Create Tiers
  4. Build Target Account Lists

Let’s illustrate these steps by taking a look at trusty ol’ Gary at ProspectIT:

Before Gary can create Ideal Account Profiles (IAPs) for his SDRs, he needs to sync with some other teams at ProspectIT. Being the seasoned Head of Sales Development he is, Gary knows that the AEs and Customer Success (CS) teams at his company are essential in helping him establish his ABS targeting.

Gary reaches out to the AEs and CS team at ProspectIT and asks them which kinds of accounts are closing deals, which are more likely to renew, and which have the lowest churn rates.

These kinds of accounts are where ProspectIT finds their greatest success, so Gary wants to make sure his SDRs are finding more of these ideal accounts.

Having spoken with the AEs and CS team, Gary jumps right in to creating IAPs for his SDRs.

For his team’s IAPs, Gary decides to focus on four Account Segmentation Fields: industry, size of sales team, location, and size of company. These are the values he chooses for each Field:

  • From the AEs and CS team, Gary discovered that ProspectIT’s best industry fits are Information Technologies and Services, Marketing and Advertising, and Biotech.
  • An ideal account for his SDRs to go after should have a sales team with over 10 members. The CS team informed Gary that accounts with over 10 SDRs renew at least twice on their annual contracts. This renewal rate is what make accounts with these team sizes ideal for ProspectIT!
  • Most of ProspectIT’s successful, renewing accounts come from California, particularly the San Francisco Bay – so Gary includes this value in his IAP.
  • Last but not least, a majority of ProspectIT’s current clients have companies with over 200 employees. Gary will more highly prioritize accounts with 200+ employees though. Why? Because the CS team and AEs told Gary that the bigger the company size, the bigger the deal!

With his IAP values identified, it’s time for Gary to prioritize – through tiers! From his now established IAPs, Gary organizes them into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Accounts. Let’s take a peek!

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Industry                           IT and Services         Marketing/Advertising            Biotech
SDR Team Size 10+ SDRs 10+ SDRs 10+ SDRs
Location SF Bay SF Bay SF Bay
Company Size 200+ 200+ 200+

Gary plans to create many variations of these tiered accounts, but to start his team off these three will do just great!

When it’s time to get his SDRs actually implementing this ABS strategy, Gary will compile a list of accounts from his CRM that fit these tiers and distribute them to his team to work.


Our next post will touch on setting up Ideal Contact Profiles (ICPs), so don’t forget to come on back!

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