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Let’s Get Down to Business, To Tackle Your Ideal Contact Profiles (ICPs)

Once you have your IAPs nailed down, it’s time to tackle your Ideal Contact Profiles (ICPs). There are two steps to identifying your ICP:

  1. The first step to defining your ICP is to identify the different buyer personas you want to go after and tackle. Defining specific personas is vital because, when it comes to engagement, different types of contacts require different types of messaging.

    For example, if you want to target SDR Managers and Marketing Managers, you will need to count them as two distinctly separate personas because they have different needs and face different challenges. These personas need different touches and personalization.
  2. After defining personas, the next steps are to define your Contact Segmentation Fields and score them – as in steps two and three of identifying your IAP.

3 Ideal Contact Profiles for a Saas Company

IAPs? Check! ICPs? Gary’s about to get started.

With assistance from the ever helpful CS team and AEs, Gary identifies the buyer personas that ProspectIT has had past success with.

Gary decides to create his Ideal Contact Profiles primarily on three criteria: title, responsibility, and pain points. He plans to target Sales Leaders, Revenue Leaders, and Marketing Leaders.

The primary “responsibility” that these leaders must have is that they must play a substantial part in making purchasing decisions for their company. Gary wants to make sure his reps are speaking with contacts who are part of the DMU (Decision-Making Unit).

The way Gary sees it, these leaders pain points are:

  • Frustrations with a sales stack that has too many tools and too few integrations, thus they slow down their sales process, closing times, and/or pipeline
  • That the sales enablement tools they are using now are too costly (month-to-month)

To organize these Ideal Contact Profiles into tiers, here’s a small sample of what Gary plans to do:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Title Sales Leader Revenue Leader Marketing Leader


Gatekeepers Buyers Gatekeepers
Pain point Multiple sales  tools slow down closing times and sales process                               Annoyance with multiple sales tools slowing down pipeline/being too costly                                                         Sales tools have few integrations                     


In our next blog on building workflows, you’ll see how Gary plans to reach out to the IAPs, ICPs, and tiers he has established here.

Stay tuned!

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