The modern sales process is made up of a series of manual tasks. Daily action items include everything from routing leads to the right rep to updating CRM fields after every meeting. Between all these manual tasks, mistakes happen. Fields can be missed in Salesforce and leads can be routed to the wrong rep. Combined with the natural time suck of manual tasks, these mistakes add up to hours of extra work.

The Apollo Rules Engine was built to solve this problem.

With our new Rules Engine, teams have the ability to automate hundreds, even thousands, of previously manual tasks, from lead routing to account alerts and manual data entry. Reps can execute streamlined and standardized sales playbooks flawlessly and quickly, always engaging the right person at the right time.

How does the Rules Engine work?

Admins have the power to build custom rules that automate a ton of necessary but tedious work, ensuring reps can focus their efforts on selling to the right people at the right time. Normally, automations like these would require a full-time data scientist to achieve, but with Apollo, anyone can easily build rules that save time and prevent mistakes across your entire team.

Because of the sheer flexibility of what you can configure, Rules Engine’s use cases will vary widely based on your company’s sales strategies and workflows, but here are some quick examples of impactful rules you can build in a matter of minutes:

  1. Core Sales Ops: Automatically update Account Stages in Apollo AND Salesforce whenever a relevant Contact Stage is updated. Save your reps loads of time and ensure you no longer have to worry about inaccurate Salesforce fields.
  2. Call tasks for warm leads: Create lists of call tasks for contacts who have recently engaged with your emails. Contacts that just clicked your link or opened your email are still thinking about your product, so the faster you call them, the more likely they are to be interested in setting a meeting. Automatic task creation helps you take advantage of this curiosity at the right time with no added effort.
  3. Inbound lead routing: Leads that inbound usually go to a general list that needs to be sifted through. With Rules Engine, you can create rules that automatically route inbound leads to the correct rep based on company size, location, and more. The engine helps protect reps’ territories on behalf of them while proactively assigning the hottest accounts to get the right attention and engagement from the right members of your team.

The Apollo team is constantly finding new ways for Rules Engine to automatically organize and improve our own sales operation, so we’re excited to see what our clients can accomplish!

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