At Apollo, I’m excited about our team’s approach to supporting businesses around the world in building predictable go-to-market strategies with actionable data intelligence. 

We’ve been working hard to make our platform more accessible than ever because of this universal truth: it’s hard to build an outbound sales strategy from scratch. We understand the hard work businesses put in to go to market and are excited to be a part of that process for so many.   

Historically, businesses have had to use a “talk to sales” action on our website to get started. We’ve now opened up access and lowered barriers for everyone to try Apollo. We’ve also integrated our sales and customer success directly into the trial and buying process. With a single click, you can auto-schedule a direct conversation and be up and running.

Our focus has always been on helping businesses grow. By opening up our platform, we widen our sights to enable every business to leverage the power of Apollo to intelligently transform the way they do business. Here’s how Apollo’s solutions are open to the world like never before. 


It starts with data. Our data-first approach empowers any business looking for growth. Our release this week includes a free starter plan with 50 free data credits per month, making it easier for any person to access Apollo’s world-class data platform. With a single click, anyone can begin to leverage Apollo to accelerate their business.

Apollo’s leading database gives any user access to data from over 200 million business contacts across 10 million companies, with the percentage of verified quality contacts in the database consistently in the high-90s.

Direct Dials

With Apollo’s new self-service platform we’ve expanded contact details to include direct dials, introduced an updated site architecture, streamlined self-onboarding, and have provided on-demand training experience. Said JP Bertram, VP of Marketing at RolePoint, “With direct dials provided by Apollo, we doubled our connect rates over a three week span and booked 4 times as many opportunities, compared to other direct dial providers.” It’s never been easier to self-service sign-up to start building a predictable sales strategy.


According to research firm Forrester, businesses allow up to 73% of their data to go unused for analytics. Businesses often have data, but for a range of reasons (e.g., incomplete data, wrong format), they can’t generate the insights or reports needed to take meaningful action. Apollo’s data-first platform allows users to map out trends across regions and industries easier than ever and to take informed, targeted actions at the most appropriate times.

This week we’ve also stepped up our intelligence in a significant way: Individuals can now be alerted when pertinent individuals make job changes, enabling Apollo users to take the right actions at the right times.


From contact collection and prospecting to marketing and relationship management, workflows enabled by Apollo’s platform are best in class. Users have the ability to create workflows that are more efficient — resulting in more meetings scheduled and more deals closed.

Particularly useful to businesses is the ability to craft and automate personalized messages, targeting contacts at any company, at specific instances in their sales journey.


Through Apollo’s smart and seamless integrations, platforms such as LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, Hubspot, and Salesforce become even more valuable. With Apollo’s integrations, there’s no better way to make existing capabilities even more effective. 

A Solution for Every Strategy 

Apollo’s new Help Center is being introduced to support you and your team. Getting started building and streamlining your go-to-market strategy for the first time has never been easier with step-by-step guidance. 

We also invite you to join the Apollo Live Training Webinars, where we share the best tips from the most successful teams, and have Q+A to answer your burning questions about sales strategy. We’re happy to get you the support you need to reach your revenue goals. 

At Apollo we’re excited to take the next step forward in helping companies connect with those that need them most, and we couldn’t be happier to have a team of strong performers that care about the success of our customers and industry.

Sign up now to build your predictable go-to-market engine.


By Jim Benton, CEO at Apollo