What has Apollo been up to lately?

We’ve been busy helping sales teams increase their revenue, deal size, and maximize their resources.


It’s been an exciting few months here and we have a lot to tell you about! We have been taking an extensive look at our product and talking to many customers (thank you to everyone who participated!) about what the future of sales tech looks like and which pain points are still strongest.

Our goal has always been to connect salespeople with the companies that need their products and, while we believe we had been accomplishing this, we still believed there was still a lot left to be done. Through 80+ hours of interviews, we have carefully considered each step of the sales process and have looked for ongoing points of friction.

As a result, I’m excited to announce our Series A round of funding, a complete and massive product update, and our new name, Apollo.

We have raised a $7 Million Series A led by Nexus Venture Partners

It’s been just over 2 years since we graduated from Y Combinator in the Winter ‘16 batch and we have grown from a team of 3 founders to a team of 48. Nexus participated in our Seed Round in 2016 and we are thrilled to grow our partnership with their team and welcome the experience they bring to our boardroom. With this new round of funding, we will increase our investment in our product and our headcount to build the industry defining revenue generation machine.

We’re proud of our growth and what we’ve built so far, but we’re not the type of team that settles for the status quo, so we’ve decided to make some radical updates to our platform that I’m excited to finally get to tell you all about today.

The functionality you already know plus an incredible new foundation for ABS

For those of you have grown used to our platform and have found workflows that work for your team, don’t worry, the unified platform you know is still the same, we’ve just added layers of intelligence that are constantly working behind the scenes.

Here are a few of the tools our clients have at their disposal:

  • Our all new Rules Engine enables teams to build custom, automated rules that complete typically manual tasks. For example, you can finally have fields in Salesforce automatically updated, leads naturally routed to their rightful rep, automatic follow-up tasks created for warm leads, and much more, resulting in time-saved and reduced human error. The possibilities for the engine are endless and use cases will vary widely from company to company.
  • The Scoring Engine allows teams to create their own lead and task scoring models without needing a data scientist on hand. Models are made by adding which characteristics you’d like to see more of and which you’d like to suppress. The engine takes it from there to score all contacts and accounts, enabling easy prioritization and Account-Based Sales account list building.
  • Apollo Analytics gives you the ability to answer any question with the industry’s only platform for custom reports. Build reports into dashboards to have information consistently on hand as well as access 200+ standard reports based on industry best practices. Salesforce users can also finally make the opportunity reports they need. As some quick examples, VPs of Sales can track revenue in pipeline, SDR managers can keep an eye on if their reps are completing their tasks, and reps can view which subject lines are outperforming the rest. Teams can now build strategies based on science rather than a hunch.

Creating a thorough GTM strategy or adding Account Based Sales to your playbook has never been easier.

So with all of this change, who are we now?

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Apollo

Why Apollo? As our product has evolved, we have been inspired by the ways our customers have driven growth through consultative and transformative sales, not just prospecting.  We think the old days of sales teams driving as hard as possible to get contracts signed and then abandoning customers at sale are totally over. Modern sales departments, especially SaaS, are looking to find solutions that will solve prospects’ problems long term.

We see the ideal salesperson as having such mastery of their product and their competitors that they have a sense of confidence and authority. They won’t sell someone something they don’t need or won’t be happy with. We believe true growth relies on human connection, scaling meaningful sales conversations and quality over quantity without sacrificing reach. That’s who Apollo is and what we will empower our customers to achieve.

Interested in learning more about the new Apollo?  Schedule a demo of our platform.