We’ve learned a lot of really interesting things from our SEO agency customers based on the nuances of their market and want to share our learnings with all of you.

Our customers find that growing exclusively through inbound or referrals can be very risky as they have little direct control of growth. Any of these channels can dry up with little warning, especially in the dynamic SEO industry. A modern outbound strategy leads to predictable and reliable growth.

We’ll outline the top 2 outbound sales best practices for SEO Agencies’ with the rest to follow in part 2 of this blog series.

1. What Companies to Target

The all-important decision in your outbound strategy is discovering your target market – choosing the right companies, the right number of people at those companies, and the right people. If you target too many, reps will have difficulty following up properly, resulting in leads slipping through the cracks. However, go too small and you won’t drive enough business to hit your growth targets.

A very smart way our customers target industries is by using technology stacks of prospects as a proxy for industry. One of our more successful SEO customers specializes in SEO for e-commerce companies and uses our database of company technologies to see companies who use “Shopify” and “Magento”. With custom emails on these e-commerce technologies, they are able to drive incredibly high responses right into their ideal target market.

In the SEO agency market specifically, targeting companies with specific SEO keywords is game-changing. Agencies then have an arsenal of relevant material with which to find best fit potential clients as well as context on what their SEO efforts have looked like thus far. Finding companies to reach out to without using their SEO key terms makes little sense for teams in this industry.

2. Who at those Companies to Target

The three keys to choosing the right people at your target companies are:

  1. Having up-to-date contact info
  2. Hitting the right decision makers
  3. Using personalized emails for the right titles.

All of this targeting is only useful when you actually reach prospects. Finding decision makers at your target companies necessitates having the titles and emails of every employee at the company and being able to automatically find the CEO/Owner/President or Marketing leader depending on the type of company.

For our SEO agency customers who mainly target enterprises, they see success with specific persona targeting in the Fortune 5,000 or trying to find net new large-scale enterprises. Accurate contact information at that level of seniority should be leveraged with very personalized messaging as executive attention is usually brief. One of our most successful enterprise-focused SEO agencies uses SEMrush data automatically pulled into SFDC and Apollo to automate personalized emails on each executive’s website key terms and projected return on investment of better SEO.

Tune back in next week for Part 2 or read our industry-specific white paper to find out what to say to prospects, when to prioritize calling, and how to use sales data.