If you haven’t checked out our previous two blogs on Fundamental Metrics and Account-Based Sales specific Metrics, make sure you read those first before diving into Account Penetration.

How About That Account Penetration?

The final set of metrics crucial for ABS is Account Penetration. Account Penetration shows just how deeply reps have worked an account and if they’re truly “done” with the account.

If an account isn’t “done” and remains unfinished, then there’s further action reps can take to get an account to the SQO Stage. Generally, it’s easier to fully work a larger account than a smaller one, simply because a bigger account has more people to reach out to – one of them’s bound to stick.

To start, you should ask yourself, “is my sales team fully penetrating our accounts?”

To fully answer this question, you will need to determine how many contacts haven’t engaged within an account.

To assist with finding this answer, let’s take a look at the Account Penetration Metrics Gary from ProspectIT is setting up.

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Tracking Account Penetration as a SaaS Company

To track Account Penetration, Gary measures a set of metrics for EACH of the accounts that his reps target. Gary tracks these metrics because he wants to make sure that his reps are primarily working accounts that match the IAP and Tier 1 accounts he has defined.

He wants to make sure that these accounts are fully worked or if reps should continue to engage these accounts.

The three Account Penetration metrics that Gary measures are:

  1. The number of people in each account that match ProspectIT’s ICP
  2. The number of people reached per persona in each Target Account
  3. The number of people in each persona in each Target Account that are in ProspectIT’s CRM

Gary looks at the three above metrics in regards to each and every one of the accounts his reps go after.

Last month, one of the biggest accounts that ProspectIT successfully worked was InterNEXT – a Tier 1 account.

Let’s look at the Account Penetration metrics for this account:

For context, InterNEXT has a total of 50 contacts in ProspectIT’s CRM.

  1. 10 contacts match ProspectIT’s ICP (sales, revenue, and marketing leader)
  2. 9 of these contacts have been engaged
  3. 9 of these 10 contacts are in ProspectIT’s CRM. The 10th was referred by somebody else in the account.

From these three different categories of metrics, Gary has some great takeaways for what works in his ABS strategy and how he can improve.

Overall, these metrics show that Gary’s SDRs are good at making sure that all Target Accounts are engaged and penetrated. Gary’s team was able to penetrate 90% of their biggest target account, InterNEXT.

Their conversion rates, though not bad for starting out, could definitely be improved, especially for Tier 1 Accounts.  Gary’s team had a conversion rate for Tier 1 accounts of 20%

Gary also sees that his team could improve their engagement rate. Currently, about 50.2% of emails are opened and 20.3% of calls are connected.

If Gary could get this engagement and conversion rates up, then he thinks his team could drive some amazing pipeline for ProspectIT.


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