For anyone selling to retailers, finding complete company information and location data per retail location can be cumbersome. With that in mind, we’ve made it easier for our users to find and contact their accounts’ retail locations. Within the Apollo platform, you can now see how many retail locations companies have as well as view a complete list of all locations for easy phone contact.

What is it for:

Apollo now collects information to gauge how many retail locations companies have. This additional information will help teams identify where the largest retail opportunities lie as well as provides greater targeting capabilities.

Teams can also view the complete list of retail locations and export that list as a CSV to help salespeople target specific locations as needed.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Filter by number of locations while prospecting:
      • You can select a minimum and maximum number of locations to help your target your ICP

Filter for Retail Location

    1. View a full list of locations:
      • From companies account page, you can view a complete list of their retail locations, including each locations’ store phone number and website.

location filter

    1. Export the list of locations:
      • You can select and download some or all as a CSV

download list of locations

With this additional targeting ability, you can always be sure you’re targeting accounts with the right number of locations for your individual outreach.